Female U.S. Ambassadors

Data revealing the disparity between men and women in terms of ambassadorial appointments. 

At the State Department, diversity can count against you

U.S. Orders Its Diplomats Out of Lebanon

Adventures in Amsterdam.

The Belgian and EU capital.

Images from Ghent.

Doviđenja to Sarajevo

Today, I officially leave Sarajevo and head back to the good old United States of America. I learned so much this summer and also had a great time exploring the city of Sarajevo. As I head back to the States and prepare for pack out and my move back to DC, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite spots in this lovely city.


  • For pizza, head to Noovi.
  • For cevapi, the quintessential Bosnian cuisine, Zeljo and Petica Cevabzinica (both located in the Old Town) vie for #1. Personally, I liked Petica better!
  • For a mix of Bosnian traditional dishes and other food items, Dveri was great. 
  • For amazing views of the city, head to Park Princeva. They also have live music at dinner! Kibe is also supposed to be amazing, both for the view and the food, but I didn’t get a chance to make it there this summer. 
  • For fish, you can’t go wrong with Luka Sarajevo

Bars / Nightlife

  • Many an after work drink was consumed at Cafe Tito. I loved it because they have Sarajevsko dark beer on tap!
  • Pravda (near BBI center) is a great spot for drinks and they also have a pretty decent food menu.
  • Sloga - the only real club in Sarajevo - features live music and enough cigarette smoke to take a few years off your life but is always a great, late night party.

Exploring Flanders

I’ve spent a large part of August visiting various cities in the Flemish region of Belgium. Belgium is great for its quality chocolates and beer, in addition to tasty waffles and fries. Flanders, in particular, is lovely because of the many quaint and beautiful cities located in the region. On my previous trip to Belgium this March, I got the chance to explore Bruges, the Venice of the North. This time around, I had the opportunity to visit Antwerp, Ghent, and Leuven. The other great thing about Belgium is how easy it is to get around with the train system here. In particular, I took advantage of the Belgian Go Pass 10. If you are under 26, for 50 euros you can get 10 one-way trips anywhere in Belgium. 

Antwerp Photo Set. 

Highlights from the U.S.-BiH match last night in Sarajevo. The U.S. team wins 4-3!

U.S. Roster for Bosnia Match

Gearing up for the USA-BiH Soccer Friendly tomorrow!

Less than 48 hours in Istanbul

Two weekends ago, I took a trip to the amazing city of Istanbul. I had wanted to make my way to Turkey ever since studying abroad in Cairo in 2009, and I’d only heard positive things about the city formerly known as Constantinople. 

Istanbul definitely did not disappoint. While I only had limited time there, I got a real sense of the ancient history and bustling city life that makes Istanbul unique. I was amazed by the grandeur of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. I dabbled in the art of bargaining in the Grand Bazaar, which took me back to my days in Egypt. And, I even got a taste of tear gas from the protests in Taksim to fully round out my Istanbul experience (not to alarm loved ones back home - we were far enough away where the side effects were really very minor). 

If only I had more time to explore more of Istanbul’s history, culture, and amazing nightlife! And more of Turkey’s beautiful beaches and scenic countryside! Adventures in Turkey are definitely “to be continued…”